March 8 – Don’t Cross Our Paths With Dominique Grange!


From March 8, 2023 to March 8, 2023


Forum Léo Ferré * 11 rue Barbes – 94200 Ivry s / Seine[MetroLine7(Pted’IvryorPierreandMarieCurie)orTram3AStationPorted’Ivry[خطمترو7(Pted’IvryأوPierreandMarieCurie)أوTram3A،محطةPorted’Ivry


“The Forum Léo-Ferré is a cabaret-style performance hall with a capacity of about 100 seats. It is located near the Porte d’Ivry, opposite the windmill placed there as a perpetual homage to Don Quixote… The song is for anyone’s baggage, a team of song lovers!”

Portuguese director Pedro Fidalgo A documentary film is devoted to a trip Dominic Grange Through his songs, he accompanies the evolution of the May 68 Movement with striking titles, “Down with the police state / The underworld we’re in / Unlimited strike / All of you involved” …

And from this path, where grassroots movements are on the front lines, we are given to see the battle of the singer and activist, the battle of commitment for life! The show is attended by Dominic Grange and the director.

like ”gallstones in the viewer”, the banknote from it-is-nabum/blog/never-erase-their-track Well narrated and illustrated with graphics late, The quality of this documentary.

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Information about and organize a show Do not erase [email protected]

* * * To read also in the blog Cedric Lepine Note on the album Elise and the new protagonists By Dominique Grange (screenwriter) and Tardi (illustrator and colorist) Published by Delcourt: / elise-and-the-new-support-of-dominique-grange-et-tardi. / elise-and-the-new-support-of-dominique-grange-et-tardi

* * * * On my blog, I made a post in June 2019 / may-68-do-not-erase-our-traces-with-dominique-grange-et-tardi

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