The Somalia meteorite contains minerals never before seen on Earth

In a meteorite that fell in Somalia, scientists discovered two minerals never seen before on Earth.

We don’t discover new minerals every day, so the team at Professor Chris Hurd has reason to celebrate. Explains the team of Canadian researchers in statement The space rock was discovered in Somalia two years ago, but locals believe it is much older.

The rock bears a beautiful name The night is said to feature in local poems, songs and dances dating back five generations. Scientists from the University of Alberta examined a 70-gram fragment of the meteorite. The nightfall weighs 15 tons in all, making it the ninth largest single-fall accident on our planet, explained Professor Hurd. at the Space Exploration Symposium on November 21.

It contains about 90% iron and nickel but scientists discovered two new minerals which they named elaliite and elkinstantonite. As shown USA TodayNames, salutations:

  • “elaliite” pays tribute to the fact that the meteorite was discovered in the Al Ali region of Somalia,
  • “elkinstantonite” is named after NASA expert Lindy Elkins-Tanton.

Linde has done a lot of work on the formation of planetary cores, the formation of these iron and nickel cores, and our closest analogue is iron meteorites. So it makes sense to give the mineral a name and to acknowledge its contributions to science.Chris Hurd explains in the press release.

And the surprise does not stop there as a third unknown mineral is analyzed. Metal experts are curious about “Potential uses in a wide range of things in society“.

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