Gudmundsson came out of the woodwork, a sad sight for the Premier League

Gudmundsson above the rest, electricity in the air after a sad match… Find out our peaks and our failures after the draw between Lille and Metz (0-0).


Gudmundsson above the fray

It is difficult to spot the players who stood out this evening as the show was poor on Friday night, during the goalless draw between Lille and Metz (0-0). But Gabriel Gudmundsson was still prominent in this slump. Substituted on the left side, the Swede was flawless defensively and good returns (8, 62). Offensively, he is one of those who brought the most. He was given two yellow cards (22 and 67) and his crosses were finely adjusted but no takers were found (36th and 47th).

Imperial Brunn

If the Messins rarely worry them, they owe it to their captain. Always on the right track, he cut several Lille stops (39, 54). His return to David, alone in front of goal, saves his life, just like the return of Yilmaz (53rd place), slower than Al-Kindi (77). In the recovery period, he lengthens like his teammates, without being able to touch Mofta or Bulaya.


A sad scene for League 1

An exciting tournament since the start of the season, the French Ligue 1 recalled its defensive hours on Friday night. Messins’ team came with the intention of ending the match 3-5-2 and succeeded with the help of an uninspired Lille. One shot on target in a highly volatile match featuring simulations and refereeing errors. Edon Zhegrova was kicked out for 2 yellow cards in 9 minutes. If the second was indisputable, he suffered the first time… he was the one who was clipped! The game turned into an overtime fight. Sylvain Armand, LOSC’s technical director, came into conflict with Messen’s coach, Frederic Antonetti, who was fired. Tension also prevailed on the floor and Mr. Debicchi whistled at the end of a meeting over which he did not seem to have control. The content anyway seems unsettling for LOSC five days before a trip to Chelsea at C1.

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Burak can no longer feel the blows

But where is the “Kral” who led Lusk to his fourth title in the French championship last season? Turk almost missed everything on Friday. The real heavyweight loses 15 balls out of the 30 he touches! In difficulty on poorly maintained turf at Pierre-Moroy Stadium, he slipped multiple times at crucial moments. He has everything wrong in the game, almost does not make the right decision. Out under the whistle…

charlatan passed

Does Thiago Diallo still support wandering from one job to another? After a successful transition period in central defence, his preferred position, the Portuguese played on the left side last week and then the right side this time, in order to make up for Selleck’s suspension. Since the start of the match, he has been struggling, losing three harmless balls in his camp (6, 8, 10). He never managed to get into his game, and his colleagues who lacked ideas did not help him. Offensively, cross the limit only at the end of the match, without being served (90+1). Forgotten game…

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