macOS 12.3: eGPUs, controllers, and Thunderbolt docking issues

macOS 12.3: eGPUs, controllers, and Thunderbolt docking issues

This is the cool game updates: yes, In addition to its updatesmacOS 12.3 has patched security holes and fixed bugs, it seems that this version has also introduced new problems. Mac Intel users they complain A significant decrease in the performance of external graphics cards, including the Radeon RX 6800. According to Camel Who ran the tests, macOS 12.3 can indeed lead to a decrease in eGPU performance, but this is not systematic. The situation is quite confusing in the eGPU models involved.

Another problem: some new dock outlets Thunderbolt 4 terminal Temporarily stop working. You have to restart your Mac to find the use of these ports. Manufacturer CalDigit Confirm the problem With MacBook Pro M1 Max. While you are waiting to find the fix, it is advised that you disable the standby mode on your computer.

macOS 12.3 also causes problems Problems with handles. Some users say they can no longer play with their Xbox console at all, while others have reported it incompatibility With only part of the games. According to the video game maker Chris McFarlandThere is also a disconnect with DualShock and MFi controllers, and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. If you’re having this problem, there doesn’t seem to be a solution at the moment.

Regarding An audio defect affecting the bluetooth headphones Which was already there before version 12.3, but the latter has not yet fixed it.

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