Justice to help the Republicans

Justice to help the Republicans

Like me, you may have noticed that the announcement of Donald Trump’s run for the 2024 presidential election has upset many Republicans.

The latter carried all 45 prankse The president has long believed that he would lead them to victory. This period is over. last wednesday, I was pointing out that while strategists seem to be inclined to distance themselves from TrumpDoing so while limiting losses among her supporters will not be easy.

Merrick Garland, a virtual ally?

Republicans may have gotten a boost last Friday from a man they once denied a seat on the Supreme Court: Merrick Garland. The US Attorney General is conducting two investigations into the former president and has just appointed an independent special prosecutor.

The appointment must first be seen as a strategic choice on the part of Merrick Garland. By doing so, he distances himself and contributes to silencing the accusations of partisanship that do not fail to launch some Republicans and those close to the former president.

already in august, She argued that the attorney general no longer had a choice and should have brought charges against Trump. It is likely to happen, but it seems prudent to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest.

Will this appointment lead to further delays? The question is important because it appears that by doing so, Merrick Garland is sending a signal that he has the evidence he needs. At least that’s what William Barr, the former attorney general under Donald Trump, thinks.

Fast and dangerous

Jack Smith, a war crimes prosecutor based in The Hague, proves to be a wise choice if Garland wants things to run smoothly. Not only does he have extensive experience, but he says he’s prepared to act quickly and accurately.

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Smith’s nomination came three days after Trump’s announcement. If the former president wanted to avoid legal action by starting quickly, nothing would stop the independent special prosecutor from doing his job.

Unlike what former FBI Director James Comey did in the case of Hillary Clinton, we generally avoid getting involved in the final days of a campaign, but in this case it hasn’t even begun. So Jack Smith has a little too much time.

It is increasingly likely that 45e The President must be held accountable for his actions in the Department of Justice investigation. His handling of classified documents in his home and his contribution to the attack on the Capitol building cannot be ignored.

Honest, prudent, and courageous, Merrick Garland desires to restore the Department of Justice’s image that has been shaken by the administration of the previous administration. In doing so, it may make it easier for Republicans not to inadvertently bear the brunt of Trump’s departure.

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