In Contrixville, the friendly Portuguese does not understand the reduction in subsidies

In Contrixville, the friendly Portuguese does not understand the reduction in subsidies

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, the Contrixville City Council met to, among other things, announce a 10% decrease in subsidies to associations. A decision that the friendly Portuguese finds difficult to understand.

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Belt tightening is necessary to avoid increased taxes. The Contrixville City Council used this argument, Tuesday, March 7, 2023, to justify its announcement: Reducing public subsidies to all associations by 10%. After this announcement, the municipality confirmed that it had previously met with the main stakeholders and would be able to “find solutions”. However, the Portuguese friend did not seem to hear him in this way because he expressed his displeasure with this decision to cancel his famous cultural festival, which was initially scheduled for Sunday, June 25th.

Available amounts

Marcel Augusto, President of the Portuguese Federation, presents his situation in few figures: “After applying this reduction in the subsidy, we received 651 euros in aid for operating costs annually and 900 euros for the cultural festival instead of the 1,000 we received in 2022. With our annual expenses of 6,500 euros This help wasn’t too heavy already. Now it’s even worse.”

To paraphrase, the association noted a negative balance of €1,200 during the last cultural festival due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Then, she wanted to stage her traditional dinner dance in November 2022, but the events didn’t turn out as expected. “Only a month ago, the mayor, Luc Gueric, announced that the Georges-Brassens Chamber will now be closed from October 1 to April 2,” explains Marcel Augusto, adding: “We have never been compensated for the costs we have incurred. For these reproaches, he asserts Counselor of Contrixville states that “the municipality is under no obligation to reimburse if the information is submitted at least one month in advance.”

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The traditional cultural festival of the Portuguese Contrixville Association will not take place this year. The Portuguese friendly decided to abolish it after the decrease in subsidies to the associations. Photo by VM/Yannick ANTOINE

Decision deemed “unfair”

While relations between the two parties were not good, Luc Guericke welcomed Marcel Augusto and the treasurer of the association to inform them of the future reduction of subsidies. The President of the Portuguese Federation would have asked the Mayor if extraordinary costs could be considered for the annual party, to which he would have replied that he would discuss the matter with his staff. Finally, the reduction was announced, and this is in general. “We are disappointed with the way he deals with the problem because not all associations are in the same boat,” regrets Marcel Augusto. He develops, saying: “Some benefit from the buildings that are loaned by the municipality and do not have to pay such exorbitant fees as we do. This decision is unfair.”

Mayor Luc Gerecke announced the reduction of subsidies to associations during a municipal council meeting on March 7. Photo by VM/Yannick ANTOINE

For his part, the mayor pointed out that these subsidies are basically voluntary. However, we understand the distress this decline causes. It is accurate, and behind us we will correct. In addition, external financing is planned so that the city does not lose its activities and entertainment. The Bartosz Group will allocate an envelope of 60,000 euros for the festival to take place during the month of May. We’ll reveal more in the coming weeks. »

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last slander

In 2023, the friendly Portuguese only counts on the dance meal that will take place on April 15th to ensure income from the events. Marcel Augusto concludes: “I challenge the municipality to organize a large-scale event, which can accommodate hundreds of people for only 900 euros. The elected officials will quickly realize the absurdity of such an amount when they realize that it is simply impossible.”

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