Lidl's impact on the Portuguese economy

Lidl's impact on the Portuguese economy

In total, EUR 156 million of local products were exported to the chain's stores in the 29 European markets where it is present.

Exports of local productsLidl The chain's stores in the European Union achieved a direct and indirect impact of 289 million euros last year, an increase of 18% compared to the previous year, and created 6,520 job opportunities (+32%), according to a study. It was implemented by the consulting company Forvis Mazars for the German chain.

Last year, Lidl exported €156 million to stores in 29 European countries – out of the 32 countries in which it is present – ​​or about 2% of Portuguese food exports to the EU. “For every euro of exports facilitated by Lidl in products destined for export, approximately €1.85 was generated in the Portuguese economy,” the consultancy’s study confirms.

“The data from this study demonstrate our increasingly significant impact on the Portuguese economy, both through generating wealth for the country and creating jobs, as well as our commitment to enhancing the quality of Portuguese products in international markets, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainable development and creating opportunities. Thus, we open Our store network across Europe opens to suppliers who may find it more difficult to internationalize,” Bruno Pereira, Lidl Portugal’s purchasing director, emphasized in a press release.

Agriculture, livestock, fishing and related services (44%), food products (31%), beverages (18%), and fishery and aquaculture products (7%) are the main products exported by the chain, which last year boosted the sales of more than 100 domestic suppliers, and exported more than a hundred different kinds of items to about thirty countries, especially Germany, Spain and France.

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Exports facilitated by Lidl also had an impact on employment, creating 6,520 jobs in Portugal. In other words, an increase of 32% over what it was in 2022, which represents 1,588 additional job opportunities, direct, indirect and induced, especially in the sectors of agricultural products, animal production, fishing and related services (61%), and food products (19%). Fishing and aquaculture products (11%) and beverages (9%).

In Portugal for 29 years, Lidl employs around 9,000 people, spread across more than 270 stores, from the north to the south of the country, and in 4 regional offices and warehouses.

According to the impact study it conducted KPMGIn 2022, Lidl Portugal It contributed to the creation of €3,100 million of wealth for the country, representing 1.3% of the national GDP.

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