James Cameron and Steven Spielberg went crazy over this sci-fi masterpiece. – Powerbreak

James Cameron and Steven Spielberg went crazy over this sci-fi masterpiece.  – Powerbreak

James Cameron and Steven Spielberg are undoubtedly two of the directors who have made a huge contribution to the success of science fiction cinema. The former is particularly illustrated using interplanetary cardboard symbol picturewhile the legendary director of sea ​​teeth He gave us feature films like And And Dating of the third kindWhich brought us poignant and disturbing stories about the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth.

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They have dazzled audiences since the 70’s and 80’s, and today they are considered two of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema, but they themselves know that their films might not have achieved the same results. Without this knowledge. A feature film that changed their lives forever. Quite simply, one of Stanley Kubrick’s greatest films, and one of his most iconic films, was a real life changer for Cameron and Spielberg.

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2001, A Spaceflight Obsessed with James Cameron and Steven Spielberg

In Kubrick’s filmography, there are all kinds of productions: war satires, dramas, horror films, thrillers, historical films and, of course, science fiction films. “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Luminosity” are his most famous works, but perhaps his most attention-grabbing. 2001: A Space Odyssey. It revolutionized the genre and established itself as the best movie in cinema history, according to a critics’ poll by Sight & Sound magazine.

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This work has been cited in countless projects (such as Clueless or The Simpsons), and no one can deny its huge influence on cinema. It’s been 55 years since its release and we’re still blown away by the “quiet” sound of HAL 9000. James Cameron has declared that he saw it over 18 times in cinemas upon its release.

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The two directors captured the documentary series James Cameron’s science fiction story on AMC. Spielberg said in an interview with his colleague: “The year 2001 had a profound impact on my life and my daily life. It was the first time I went to the movies, and it really felt like I was having a religious experience.” After five decades in cinemas, the film continues to influence fans of the author and those who are beginning to discover his work. Was it a big influence on you as well?

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