Lapage. It links science and spirituality

Lapage.  It links science and spirituality

The Well-being and Organic Therapies exhibition that concluded on Sunday 10 September at Diagora Labège presented the art of Zen through three thematic themes: food, well-being and therapeutics. Art in itself is a practice that can be a therapy and a means to better realize one’s aspirations in society. Benjamin Vassapoli is an artist fully involved in this record, carving stone and hand-painting sacred geometric shapes. Based in the Verdun Regional Natural Park, between the town of Draguena and the village of La Marter, he is a former international volunteer for the department, and a computer scientist for the French economic missions within the French embassies in Central Africa and Southern Africa. Graduate of Communications Engineering from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. He is also a marble importer, sculptor, engraver and live painter during various cultural events. Benjamin currently works as a Flower of Life Lecturer at the Atelier de la fleur de vie and offers art therapy workshops in Draguina, a quantum room for personal support and the transfer of knowledge and esoteric knowledge about the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. With his dual culture, scientific and humanistic, through his practice he wishes to connect spirituality and science so that the meaning of our actions becomes better understood by us.

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