He wastes 41 million liters of water to find his cell phone

He wastes 41 million liters of water to find his cell phone

An Indian agricultural inspector forced the authorities to drain a huge reservoir of water intended for agriculture only to find his cell phone had fallen into the artificial lake while he was taking a selfie from the top of the dam.

According to various Indian media outlets, Rajesh Vishwas was visiting Khirata Baralkot reservoir in Chhattisgarh state last Sunday on a holiday when he dropped his cell phone, Samsung S23, into the reservoir about 5 meters deep.

Armed with his local authority, Mr. Vishwas spoke to the Irrigation Department, he says, and got approval to be able to drain the lake.

India Today reported that one pump worked tirelessly for three days, drawing in more than 41 million liters of water that could have been used to irrigate 600 hectares of arable land.

The precious phone was found, but not surprisingly, after several days submerged, the device no longer worked.

The authorities are now considering ways to compensate the residents, especially with the approach of summer, which is usually very hot and dry in the region.

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