Jackbox Games announces a new compilation: The Jackbox Party Starter

The ultimate starter pack, The Jackbox Party Starter will contain three Jackbox titles with French subtitles

Chicago, Illinois, February 25, 2022 Jackbox Games is pleased to announce a new collection of games today. Since 2014, the studio has released Party Pack every year, each of which brings together five games with new features. There are currently eight party packages, and according to studies by Jackbox experts, that means 40 of these party games are available.

With so many titles out there, new players often wonder where to start. They can for example go back to the first Jackbox Party PackOr, on the contrary, their eyes Latest iteration. To make it easier for them to choose, Jackbox had a great idea: create the ultimate starter pack!

Jackbox Party Starter It will feature three pre-released titles, which will set the mood for any party, evening or event. They will be updated as part of this new collection, designed to answer the question, “Which jackpot game to start with?” »

assembly Jackbox Party Starter It will also see localization of the three selected titles in French, Italian, Spanish and German. Jackbox is already exploring more ways to share its games with a wider audience, and titles Quiplash 2 InterLASHional And the drawing 2 Already available in these languages.

Jackbox Party Starter It’s coming out this summer, and the three games in the collection will be revealed soon. In the meantime, fans can share their predictions on Twitter using the hashtag #JackboxPartyStarter.

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