JS Kabylie: Almeida corrects his players

JS Kabylie: Almeida corrects his players

The next day, training resumed at Stadium 1any-November 1954, last Monday, the technical staff of JSK scheduled a second training session in the morning devoted to technical and tactical work.

At the end of the training, the players were invited to come to the Le Relais Vert hotel for lunch and to attend a video and projection session organized by the first head of the technical staff, Rui Almeida. The first president of the technical staff of the Canary Islands, Jurjara, who noticed many shortcomings during the two recent friendly matches last Friday against JS Azazga and SKAF Khamis Miliana, considered it useful to set a date for this viewing session. All players attended this session, which began around 12:30 pm and lasted for more than two hours. The members of the technical staff and players first reviewed the two friendly matches against Shabab Al-Jazira and SCAF. Portuguese coach Rui Almeida stopped at every mistake, every miss, every missed ball to correct the positioning of his players to try to reorganize his skills, and especially to warn them of any similar mistake in the future. Although they won with a score of 3 to 1 over JSA who plays in DNA and with a score of 3 to 2 over the inhabitants of the French League 2, in this case, the players of SKAF, the players of JS Kabylie committed unforgivable mistakes and the first coach of the yellow and green teams was not Almeida. He is 100% satisfied with the performance of his players.

Reproach and advice for every player

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Sure, JS Kabylie won the two friendlies against CS Morocco and SKAF, but there was a lot of tactical waste in the match, and Yellow and Green coach Rui Almeida tried on Monday during this examination session to correct a lot of things. The first president of the Canary’s technical staff blamed the players and wanted to give them advice and correct their mistakes. Since his arrival at Tizi Ouzou and since taking charge of the coaching staff of the first team of the most successful club in Algeria, Rui Almeida has scheduled several viewing sessions with his players. As we mentioned in these same columns, the day after his arrival, he scheduled individual meetings with the players and also watched with them numerous video sequences of the first four matches of the tournament, played against NCM, PAC, USMK, and USMA, but also video clips of the friendly matches played Play it in the off-season and training sessions. Last Monday, after all the bad things he saw last Friday at Stadium 1any-November- 1954 Against JSA and SKAF, Almeida saw it useful to gather all his players in order to discuss many matters with them regarding of course the technical and tactical aspect.

He is not satisfied with the performance of the defenders

If the attacking group was nevertheless performing well during the last two friendlies against JSA and SKAF, this was not the case for the defence. The team was able to score no less than 6 goals during these two preparatory matches, with the signings of Mwaki, Matuti, Bwalya, Imran and Bukhanshouch (2), but the defense line poses a problem for the Portuguese coach. Against JSA, the team conceded one goal and against SKAF 2 due to defensive errors and lack of concentration by the defenders. The first manager of the coaching staff is really not satisfied with the performance of the two defenses during these two matches and wanted to reprimand his defenders, during the viewing session that took place on Monday in the conference hall of the Le Rolle Vert hotel.

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