If you loved Black Mirror, you’ll love this sci-fi series on Netflix!

If you loved Black Mirror, you’ll love this sci-fi series on Netflix!

What are the risks and limitations of new technologies? This is the central question of this Netflix series Accented black mirror.

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Season 6 of black mirror Five new episodes arrived on Netflix after four years of absence. A real joy for the fans, which could have been short-lived because this season, like every other season, is finally being eaten up quickly and without moderation. However, the more greedy people will be able to put something else in their mouths with another imagination. Not allowed for children under 16 years old. wipe up, Netizens considered the Thai fantasy series, which contains touches of action, to be deceptive.

like black mirror, wipe up Explores the excesses of technology

Black Mirror Lovers You’ll appreciate omitted words that, like the English string, indicate potential misuse of technology. In this case, here is a young girl named Lily who is in a relationship with a wealthy businessman. She also has an affair with a young writer named Aim. He is also in a relationship. One day, the two promiscuous lovers discover a strange phone, which makes it possible to hide the people being photographed by the device. What benefit will they make of this hallucinogenic power? What do you do when you can erase someone from your life just by taking a picture of them? That’s what these first eight episodes of about 45 minutes each will try to show.

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Conquered netizens

On Twitter, netizens did not fail to make the comparison with black mirrorNoting that the platform has been taken “All good ideasof the series to introduce this new improved proposal. In any case, many are already those who already imagine being able to take advantage of the same power as the heroes: “I wish I had a laptop with a camera that deletes people”, excites the user. And others rejoice: “I really enjoyed it”, madness, “loved it”, can we read. As with any good series, the addictive potential of this series is at its highest level. “I spent all day and last night taking it because I had to finish it, and now I’m pushing it because I’m at work asleep. I have no regrets.” Worn by Nat Kecharit, Sarika Satsilpsoba, and Natara Noparatayapon. wipe up It was created by Parkpoom Wongpoom, who is known for his horror movies. one of them, shutter (2004) became a classic. The film revolves around the story of Tan, a professional photographer.

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