Its new design was revealed in the pre-launch video

Its new design was revealed in the pre-launch video

Nothing Phone (2) is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year thanks to its atypical design, the latter already revealed in a hands-on video by YouTuber MKBHD.

Credit: MKBHD

Last year, YouTuber MKBHD was the first to lift the veil on the Nothing Phone (1) design. This year again, the English manufacturer authorized him to do so Video unveiling of the new look du Phone (2), which is expected to be launched from July 11th.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve been given a preview of Nothing Phone (2). Leaker OnLeaks actually revealed its design a few weeks ago now, but it finally turns out that some elements differ from previously shared renderings. Moreover, the smartphone has already been extensively tested in India, leading to some leaks in recent days.

Credit: MKBHD

Nothing Phone (2) is entitled to a new design

As MKBHD shows in their video, the Nothing Phone (2) is first entitled to a new color: grey. The manufacturer has also made changes to its Glyph system, these LEDs are arranged on the back of the smartphone which for some have a very specific function. The LEDs are now cut into 11 different parts, compared to 5 on the previous model.

Credit: MKBHD

Nothing disclosed a partnership with the Swedish House Mafia to allow you to do so Create your own animated LED lights for your ringtonesso adding LED lights should make it more creative.

One of the phone’s no-thing LEDs (2) would be pretty customizable, because it will let you keep track of timers, or act as a progress bar for your smartphone’s volume. Third-party apps must also take advantage of this LED, including Uber, to indicate how far the driver is.

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Credit: MKBHD

Unlike Nothing Phone (1), this time the second generation uses a Punch in the middle of the screenBeside More rounded glass on the back. There are still flat edges on the edges, but the smartphone should be more pleasant to hold. The screen also offers black borders that are thinner than everwhich should enhance the premium aspect of the device.

Instead of radically modifying the appearance of the smartphone, nothing has focused on the software and customization part, which many users have requested. We can’t wait to try all these new features for ourselves. See you on July 11th to find out more.

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