Or Plank: When man becomes a stage for the alliance between science and the supernatural!

Or Plank: When man becomes a stage for the alliance between science and the supernatural!

Life magazine was one of the special guests who attended the Or Blanc premiere. Last Thursday, the Thuraya Room at the Sofitel Abidjan Ivoire Hotel hosted this meeting, which was attended by the entire film production team, actors, partners, film lovers and media professionals.

Or Blanc is a new series by ON EST ENSEMBLE PRODUCTIONS. Or Blanc, directed by French-Ivorian duo Joanna and Clément Boyer-Dilolo, contains 8 episodes of 52 minutes each. In the cast, we find Ivorian actors such as Guy Kalou (Commissioner Baile Landry and the main actor of the series), Frank Flehi, Fortune Akakpo, Bakum Nyamba, Basande Yinosa, Folbert Bailey, Lago Gil, Jean Tesia, Abdelkarim Konate, who portrays the youth with them. Talents such as Taku Asi, Stéphane Sebem Lejeune, Christelle Temoko, Edwige Kwame, and especially Fatu Zongo, the young albino actress who succeeded brilliantly in her first film.


Man, a town in western Ivory Coast surrounded by eighteen mountains, is shocked by the disappearance of a young boy, and then by a series of ritual murders. The police investigation then brings together diametrically opposed duos: Landry, an experienced commissioner in his fifties, and Rita, a mediator who has actually worked with the police in the past. Together with Amma, the surgeon in charge of the autopsy, they will do everything to unravel the mystery that hangs over the man…

Africa between science, logic and magic

“I hope with all my heart that Africa, Europe and the whole world will like it, because it is the meeting between the rational and the irrational. Perhaps this is also the value of Africa, if we can combine our secrets in the best way, maybe we can work things out, and help Africa develop tomorrow too, so why not Guy Kahlo shares. Indeed, in the series, the police, whose work is based on logical and scientific facts, will benefit from the support of an intermediary with miraculous practices to solve the investigation.

Daily life of civil servants within the country

With Commissioner Bailey and his agents, the film depicts the realities of law enforcement inside the country. If it is true that they lack the resources and modern means to carry out their mission, then this indicates their lack of professionalism and their violations. Also speaking of lack of means and human resources, you will be challenged by the fact that in our tropics performing an autopsy is more of a luxury than a formality in other places. If it’s really a problem in the economic capital, imagine what it’s like in the interior of the country…

The stigma of an albino

“It’s a series that also talks about albinism. People with albinism are sometimes discriminated against, and lead complicated lives in society. We met them and questioned them. They’ve all had amazing journeys, and I want to salute their courage.” We really wanted to bring these people on screen to tell their story, because we find It is necessary to do it”, explains Clément Boyer-Delulo. Fatou Zongo, an albino, is also one of the faces on the poster.

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Look out for Or Blanc starting Monday, August 28th at 8:30pm GMT on Canal+ Premiere.

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