I read Science Day soon!

I read Science Day soon!

On September 20, National Science Reading Day will be celebrated, with many prizes available for classrooms, as well as for individuals, regardless of their age.

Therefore, we invite teachers and parents to allocate a reading period for science with children and students: articles, reviews, documentaries, illustrated stories, a biography of a scientist, and why not science fiction? The aim is to realize the place of science in our lives, or finally, the place it should occupy, and to stimulate the curiosity, thinking and creativity of young people.

We can focus this day on a specific topic, the environment or astronomy, artificial intelligence or weather. One can suggest several books and magazines on a topic, read them, discuss them, or even do a scientific experiment to illustrate all stages of the scientific process. We can also let the children choose, of course, while they learn what they have learned. In short, the possibilities are numerous and can be of great interest. Science instills an inspiring magic in young and old alike, provided it is allowed to unfold.

And let’s say, very often by example, children adjust their habits. We equally invite you to immerse yourself in reading scientific works. Do you need inspiration? Ask independent booksellers or visit This page And let yourself be inspired by the various winners of the Hubert Reeves Award, which honors the best works of popular science. It was Bernard Lavallee who won the prize this year for his book In defense of food biodiversity. We also did an interview here.

In short, National Read the Flag Day is a great invitation to open your mind. It is an initiative of BLD Publications, which publishes mainly youth magazines explorers, trick And curium. Whether in class, at home or in the library, there are many ways to win a prize. For more information and registration, go to here.

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