Renzo Gracie corrects racism on the New York subway

Renzo Gracie corrects racism on the New York subway

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Renzo Gracie has been filmed trying to control a man on the New York subway, after being the victim of a racist statement.

In sad times when many people use force to harm their fellow citizens, and manage to escape unharmed, sometimes a small handful of goons stumble upon an unpleasant surprise, like a mixed martial arts fighter. Indeed, there are countless people of ill will, who, to the delight of netizens, have come across a man whose job is to fight.

At the beginning of the week, in a New York subway station, a young man was added to the long list of those who paid for their stupidity. A scene filmed by a subway user, in which we can see Brazilian jiu-jitsu icon Renzo Gracie pose for a man who would have asked him not to speak his native language, Portuguese.

Video shared on social networks by throttleAnd the Accompanied by a text that puts the argument in context :

“This is a video of mixed martial arts legend Renzo Gracie during a fight on the platform of a subway station in New York City. After returning to the academy, Gracie was talking with a fellow black belt (…) when he was taken to the mission for a conversation in Portuguese. For our information, Gracie reportedly said that her attacker (…) shouted to her “We speak English here.” Gracie said the young woman allegedly accused her of saying bad things about him in Portuguese. A fight ensued, before the man pleaded with Gracie to let him go ( …). While under control, Gracie asked the attacker to apologize and released him.

A story reminiscent of the intervention of UFC lightweight Jared Gordon, who forced a man who was headed toward his family to put out a baseball bat in hand.

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Do you think he understood the lesson?

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