Howie: Who can blame La Saadade, a Portuguese restaurant destroyed by arson?

Howie: Who can blame La Saadade, a Portuguese restaurant destroyed by arson?

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Known for its fiery atmosphere, Blacka Portuguese restaurant in Houilles (Yvelines), caught fire again, but this time the owner was fine without it.

During the night of Sunday, March 31 to Monday, 1any In April 2024, the institution, which had opened a year earlier at 62 rue Emile Zola, was destroyed by Arson. The perpetrators have not yet been identified. The investigation has been assigned to the Sartrouville Police Station.

Two men with masks on their heads set fire to the restaurant

That night, around 3:30 a.m., Remote monitoring service Alert firefighters and police. Two masked men had just jumped out of the gate, then closed the metal curtain. The suspects, who were young according to preliminary investigations, poured a flammable substance inside it, before setting it on fire and fleeing.

Unfortunately, the rapid intervention of emergency services did not allow the 400 meters to be saved2 From the restaurant. the prejudice, which has not yet been fully determined, should be important. “Just a few more minutes passed, and the building collapsed,” says Christine Alves, the company's president. After being informed by the security company remotely, she arrived at the site during the night.

Arsonists from La Sudade, in Hue (Yvelines), poured a flammable product into the establishment before setting it on fire. © The document was submitted to 78 actu

Investigators have itSurveillance camera footageexploiting all avenues, including those of potential rivals who may have wanted to bring down the institution that overshadows them so much.

“I'm trying to understand why.”

Because Saudization — A Portuguese word that expresses a mixture of melancholy, nostalgia and hope – He was working at full speed. According to the manager, approx 150 reservations Family events have been registered over the coming months. She owns a second restaurant, La Rivière, in Carrières-sur-Seine, where she will welcome some of those customers.

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Christine Alves, President of Sudade Howells
Christine Alves, owner of Saudade, in Huey (Eveline), is devastated that her “baby” has been destroyed. © The document was submitted to 78 actu

Christine Alves, twenty years of catering experience, wonders the Moving Arsonists “I'm trying to understand why. I tell everyone to do good, not take revenge. I have no competitors, only colleagues. Who could blame me?”

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“This restaurant is my baby”

Her establishment in Oville, which employs ten people, had already been closed for several weeks in January Sound insulation worksThis was after complaints from neighbours. With this act of vandalism, the place will see several more months of closure while restoration operations are carried out.

Hard blow to the restaurant owner who did this Big on the heart : “I'm a single woman. I've been managing for a long time, trying to be strong in front of customers. But at home, sometimes I break down! This restaurant is my baby, my pride.” 78 news.

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