Carcassonne United States: Dictates its law against Bourg-en-Press

On Friday, February 11 (7:30 p.m.) against Borg-en-Press (14), US Carcassonne must stock up on points to keep their place warm in the top six.

Let’s admit it right away, and without offending Presence, if a competitor for the top six expresses concerns about receiving 14 peopleAnd Of her class…no place in the final stages! For if humility and respect for the adversary (whatever he may be elsewhere) should surely prevail, it is nonetheless without fear but with the firm intent of biting the dust with a bad rating that Matthew Cedri’s subjects are expected in Domic’s meadow. In their current uniform as No. 5 of the Pro D2, and therefore reliable top 6 applicants, it is up to the “Canaries” to make it easy against the Burgians, not the Aindinois, despite capturing five consecutive meetings without the slightest setback (three wins, two draws), to annoy the Audois . The law of the strongest shall prevail!

In the pre-match press conference, the domestic strikers coach does not make another word. “The only ones who can put a magnifier in our wheels…are ourselves”. However, before the warning: “As in the previous set of four matches, we had three of the top 6 teams, as the teams we are going to meet are not there, but it will also be difficult to get close to the approach. I called block 4 a block of truth, it might be This is an aspiration or an affirmation. We must validate what has been done.” In favorable concessions of two-thirds of the championship, the American Carcassonne should not gamble, but on the contrary assert himself. And appetite comes with eating, so why not see even higher than the current ranking? “I don’t particularly want to watch what’s going on in the backsays Matteo Cedri. If we want to be ambitious and respond to the roadmap we set for ourselves at the start of the season, we shouldn’t just look for fifth or sixth place. tomorrow evening (This Friday evening, editor’s note), There is also a chance to get into the top four (Columaires is only three points ahead and moves to Aurillac). And when you’re there, don’t leave it. We must remain humble, know how to unite and activate the levers of the dynamic we create.” In their business, the “Canary Islands” necessarily and, unlike so far, will take the game on their own from the start.

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Resting last week, unlike today’s opponents who played their game late against Aurillac (win 17-13), Audois will have the task of getting back to their steady pace at the end of the fourth block. On the active side, they would nevertheless have to dispense with the services of their captain Andre Orsach (concussion protocol and forced rest for three weeks), their left columnist Thierry Fotiou, who left for the Spanish selection, but also their junior half Samuel Marquez to his share of the Portuguese selection. Maxime Castanne, Nogzar Somkhishvili and Martin Dolon return on the bench.

USC Configuration: 15. Maxime Gianet – 14. Benoit Jasmine, 13. Jordan Politwa, 12. Guillaume Martok, 11. Sion Toy – (s) 10. Dorian Jones, (m) 9. Damien Annon – 7. Pierre Huguet, 8. Tim Agaba , 6. Clement Domenech (hat) – 5. Reynard Landmann, 4. Roman Mancia – 3. Aurelien Azar, 2. Thomas Sofiter, 1. Joseph Amrouni.
Alternatives: 16. Maxime Castanne, 17. Nogzar Somkhishvili, 18. Christian van der Merwe, 19. Aaron Carroll, 20. Baptiste Mouchos, 21. Martin Delon, 22. Pierre Renaud, 23. Jeremy Boyadges.

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