How should Lisbon or Paris reinvent themselves in the face of heatwaves?

How should Lisbon or Paris reinvent themselves in the face of heatwaves?

It’s heatwave time…repeatedly. in “green edition” Dedicated to the future consequences of global warming in urban areas, Visau wonders in one What would life be like at 50 degrees Celsius?.

Portuguese weekly offers ways so that we can “Adapts to more regular heat extremes” It reviews the challenges facing cities, agriculture, working hours, the economy, tourism and even schools.

On the cover, we get to see Lisbon, under a sky full of heat, but the Portuguese capital looks much more wooded than it is today, with many solar panels on the roofs. Revegetation of cities, to mitigate the consequences of the increasing, frequent and intense heat waves, seems to be one of the first solutions promoted by the magazine, in order to prevent the spread of heat waves. “urban jungle” It does not convert to a file “The dreadful desert.”

Giant revolution in Paris?

Without new urban planning, the consequences will be dire: increased mortality, but also a decrease in productivity, creativity, or coexistence. in its editorialpublishing manager visau, Rui Tavares Guedes recalls that there is urgency:

Currently, in 350 major cities around the world, 200 million people are frequently exposed to temperatures above 35°C. By 2050, that number will increase to about a thousand cities and 1.6 billion people who experience extreme heat for more than three consecutive months a year.”

In terms of the Green Revolution, Visau Takes as an example Paris, where a broad plan discussion began this week, below April presentation of the ‘Paris at 50°C’ report.

“Reinvent yourself or you will perish”

If this plan works, keep an eye on the weekly, it is It would represent a revolution as gigantic as that which was painted in the second half of the nineteenth centuryH century by Haussmann, whose major urban reform enabled the French capital, years later, to take pride in “lighting up” the world.

The authors of the Parisian report made 85 recommendations, including creating green spaces, “de-debting” the streets, changing roofing materials or even decontaminating and treating the waters of the Seine.

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For Rui Tavares Guedes, it’s true ‘More urgent than ever’ that environmental dimension “Be present in any urban planning” : Cities must reinvent themselves. Unlike that “It won’t even be good enough for tourists anymore” – “or its doomed”.

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