Kane handball. The great against Tremblay, Francisco Pereira is back

Francisco “Kiko” Pereira was very effective against Tremblay, both in terms of the number of goals scored (eight) and in terms of the organization of the game. © Aline Chatel

Kikou is back! Francisco Pereira, better known as Kiko at the Caen handball court, had a top-flight performance on Friday 17 March 2023. The centre-half converted eight out of his ten tries against Tremblay, developing impressive attacking power from nine metres. He contributed greatly to the surprising victory of his team over the largest budget of Proligue (34-31).

Kiko has released the game we have been waiting for a while. I think this is his reference match.

Rosh Beddos, Caen HB trainer

It’s simple to say that a performance of this kind was eagerly awaited in the Caen handball team. Francisco Pereira was very successful at the start of the season, in particular by scoring nine goals against Nancy (his record in France), and Francisco Pereira was a more regular after that. “It was a bit choppy,” notes Rosh Beddos. Without being bad, the Portuguese had not quite lived up to the expectations he had raised.

mental preparation

“I hope we’ve found the real Kiko,” he said after the match against Tremblay, in very good French. , I can do more If Francisco Pereira did not succeed as he hoped, it was definitely for mental reasons.

I didn’t trust myself in the previous matches and I don’t know why. Before this, I talked to myself: “Come on Kiko, you need to take a risk, you need to shoot!” After one, two goals, my confidence grew. he is gone.

Francisco Pereira, better known as Kiko, player of Caen HB

The young Portuguese, who will turn 24 on Sunday 26 March, knows that his career is not linear. Caen’s first experience abroad and his first as a junior, he had to settle for supporting roles at Benfica Lisbon. “Sometimes the life of an athlete can be less good. It is true that I get frustrated, but this match against Tremblay will help me a lot.”

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Keiko spared no effort against Tremblay.
Keiko spared no effort against Tremblay. © Aline Chatel

Happy in Cayenne

Kiko continues to learn and grow in the waiting room of the French elite. “I chose to come here to play and rediscover the joy of handball. I feel very happy. The season will certainly be full of lessons. He will be able to extend to the play-offs, given that Caen – the last virtual qualifier – are four points ahead of their number one striker.

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