Close to Paris, an escape game about science and man

Close to Paris, an escape game about science and man

Antoine Balzu and a passionate paleontologist. This discipline is a branch of anthropology, which studies the development of man and the different stages that led man to be what he is today.

His passion, Antoine Balzio would like to share it with as many people as possible. This is why he has published several books and created a website where he publishes his knowledge of human evolution and the latest news in this field.

But this passionate researcher didn’t stop there. In his quest to share knowledge and enjoy, he just created The Marceline Darwin Mystery. This escape game, located in Gometz-le-Châtel in Essonne, combines paleoanthropology with environmental investigation and responsibility. All in a nice atmosphere.

Here is the playing fieldescape room One of the most important human fossils has disappeared, the skull of a man from Flores that paleoanthropologist Antoine Balzu was working on. His student Marceline Darwin, however brilliant and quiet he may be, suspects him of the theft. Dressed as employees of the Green Clean cleaning company, you will have only one hour to find out if these suspicions are justified and to understand why the skull was stolen … “

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