Extreme heat: a temporary respite in the future

Extreme heat: a temporary respite in the future

Extreme heat is on the radar this weekend. Humidex of 40 or more are expected in many parts of southern Quebec.

The passing of a cold front will change the situation at the beginning of the week. It will encourage a change in air mass, opening the door to the coolness found in the north of the continent. After a particularly oppressive weekend, this change will provide a welcome respite. Mercury will return to seasonal mores.

The humidity will also subside in the next week. The perceived temperatures would return to more comfortable horizons, barely above true mercury.

Back strong from the heat

However, this trend may not continue. From the third week of the month, the stinging heat can return with renewed vigor. The mass of warm air, planted firmly in the central United States, can move slightly eastward, encouraging warming on the soil of Quebec. Temperatures could rise again.

In general, August is likely to be the hottest month of summer. On average, Mercury experiences about three days at or above 30°C, and August 2022 could exceed this mark.



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