Here are some ways to extend the battery life of your smartphone

Here are some ways to extend the battery life of your smartphone

Cell phone batteries can drain quickly when the device is exposed to heat, but there are ways to extend battery life.

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Phones can suffocate because the heat from sunlight damages their internal circuitry.

Over time, continuous exposure to heat can lead to data loss or screen damage.

However, there are safety strategies to help cool it down and give your device an endless summer. This includes minor alterations, such as removing the phone’s case, The Mirror reports.

Keep your phone away from other technology

When phones rely on other technology, such as laptops or tablets, they can overheat more easily.

Avoid using your phone while charging

Charging your phone can cause it to heat up, and so can many apps running at the same time.

When the phone is charging, using apps or even sending text messages can make it overheat.

Also, avoid placing your device in a very cold location, such as a refrigerator or freezer. Many of the materials in your phone can expand from heat or contract from cold. Sudden changes can contribute to wear.

Turn off the phone

When the car is moving, it heats up more than a car with the engine off.

Likewise, the phone will look much cooler when completely powered off, rather than left idle. So it might be a good idea to turn off your phone from time to time.

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Use a charger in good condition

A poor quality charger or even a good charger that has seen better days can pump electricity into your mobile device in a way that contributes to overheating.

Remove the case

Your phone case can act as an extra layer of insulation, trapping heat like a long-sleeved jacket, on a hot day.

There is no direct sunlight

Of course, direct sunlight will only heat up your device and increase the risk of damage.

Move it to a shady spot to reduce the amount of heat coming from above.

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