He threw $200,000 out of his car window and got arrested by the police

He threw $200,000 out of his car window and got arrested by the police

On Tuesday, a man was arrested for throwing $200,000 in cash out his car window, according to CNN.

According to the Oregon State Police, in the United States, several calls were made to report the presence of $100 bills on Interstate 5, approximately 200 kilometers from Portland.

Eyewitnesses reported that many drivers abandoned their cars in an attempt to get tickets.

The person in charge of distributing tickets is Colin Davis McCarthy, 38. An estimated US$200,000 sum was thrown out the window, this gesture would have been made by the driver in order to “offer money” to anyone crossing the road. The money will come from the family’s bank account.

The statement said Mr McCarthy was told by officers to stop because he “posed a significant danger to traffic”. He agreed to resign.

He has not been charged.

“The motorists did a thorough job of collecting the money as the officers were unable to find any more tickets after the accident,” the police said in a statement.

The police department urged citizens to “avoid the temptation to search for money along the highway”.

With info from CNN and KEZI.

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