Google Messages is about to take over one of the biggest highlights in iOS

Google Messages is about to take over one of the biggest highlights in iOS

To make the use of the RCS standard more visible in Google Messages, Google is adding a colorful badge that you won’t be able to miss. It will notify you at a glance of eligible conversations.

Google Messages will soon tell you more clearly if you’re using SMS or RCS

Google wants to make the use of RCS, SMS’s godchild, more visible in the Google Messages app. We learn this week 9to5Googlethat the company is about to publish a new badge that will let you know if a conversation qualifies for this criterion or not.

Added to the Google Messages home screen, this new feature comes in the form of a small colored bubble, located next to the contact photo of messengers with an RCS-compatible smartphone. This icon is visible in both individual chats (at least if applicable), and in eligible group chats. It also depends on the system Dynamic color to automatically adopt a color that matches your interface.

This reminds us of iMessage on the iPhone, which colors its bubbles blue if you’re chatting with an iPhone, or green if the person on the other end of the line has an Android. A practice that has led to harassment of some children who are excluded from discussions because of the color of their bubble.

An advantage to know what to expect very quickly

Before this new feature arrived, finding out if a conversation qualifies for RCS was less easy. This requires opening the conversation in question and observing if the text field says ” RCS message or simplyText messageA manipulation that could end soon.

For Google, we feel they are increasingly trying to align their Messages app to the RCS standard… allowing them to offer a richer experience. The command is implemented visually (the colored logo that is supposed to represent RCS conversations takes on the lines of the Google Messages logo), but also in terms of functionality, since the new functionalityMagic compositionThose supported by Google Messages for example are only compatible with RCS messages.

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Note, however, that these are newRCS badgesIt has not yet been widely disseminated. Right now, it appears that Google is testing this feature with the latest Google Messages beta (20230615_02_RC00). It can be very practical for people who travel a lot to avoid extra package associated with using MMS for example.

Given its usefulness, we are confident that this novelty will eventually be adopted, but nothing has been confirmed yet … and it is not known when Google can roll it out to all users.

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