Euro 2024: The economic match between France and Portugal

Euro 2024: The economic match between France and Portugal

After a rollercoaster match, France Q'east Eligibleany Without glory in the quarter-finals, where they will face Portugal on Friday, July 5. If this match is not won mathematicallyWith the progress made by France, we can say without fear that the French economy is outperforming the French economy.Portuguese economy.

Euro 2024: The economic match between France and Portugal

Despite Portugal's improvement, France has a better level of development.

French economic advantages

Despite the current dynamism of economic development in Portugal, France remains a richer country overall. In fact, according to Eurostat, in 2022, it will be gross national income per capita In France it amounts to €36,322 compared to €27,581 in Portugal.

Furthermore it, Work productivity 9.6% higher in France than the European average in 2023, while it is 19.5% lower in Portugal, making it the seventhD EU country with the lowest labour productivity. This is due in particular to heavy bureaucracy and lack of investment in new technologies, which limit production efficiency.

In addition, according to the 2024 UNDP report, France ranks 28th.D Its position in the world in terms ofHuman Development Index (HDI)With a score of 0.910. This result indicates an advanced level of development, surpassing Portugal, which ranked 42nd.D Position with a Human Development Index of 0.874.

Halfway through, the French victory was overwhelming: France 3 Portugal 0.

Strengths of the Portuguese economy

However, the budget reforms carried out by former Prime Minister António Costa have made it possible to strengthen public finances in Portugal. Thus, in 2023, Public debt Portugal has fallen below the 100% of GDP threshold, to be more precise at 99.1%, while France remains one of the most indebted countries in Europe (110.6%).

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It is also necessary to highlight Portugal's growing commitment to sustainable development, as according to Eurostat, nearly 35% of the country's energy consumption in 2022 came fromRenewable energyCompared to 20% in France.

France 3 – Portugal 2

Let's hope France can put on an equally attacking display in their match on Friday!

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