Goodbye to Pilates, this is the recommended exercise for women over the age of fifty

Goodbye to Pilates, this is the recommended exercise for women over the age of fifty

You can lose weight while moving

Throughout our lives we have tried different sports to maintain the body shape we dream of. From a certain age, we realize that certain sports are no longer meant for us, because we become more fragile and that painful days are no longer really our concern. So we are looking for a sporting activity that allows us to keep fit and train, and if possible, is a little fun so we can have some fun Motivation to do so.

Modified daily exercise

There is a sport we are My work on a daily basis Which saves us from the calories we generate during the day. Some people also do this activity in the morning or evening to stay fit. You've definitely guessed it, it's about to be Walking. But don't think you clicked on this article asking you to walk to get fit – you already know that. We are talking to you about walking exercises that can be practiced Collectively Which allows you to discover beautiful landscapes. that it He walks Actually, but not just any one. there March northWhich appeared in the seventies in Scandinavian countries It consists of walking with a stick at a fairly fast pace. This sport trains all the muscles and burns a lot of calories.

Makes you lose weight

Taking into consideration All muscles of the bodyNordic walking allows you Refine the line. With the pressure of the earth, this activity helps in its sticks Muscle training Chest, shoulders and arms. Compared to normal walking which only trains your legs and can also Your ankles get tired. As we age, we become more flexible in our knees, and this sport allows us to walk while taking care of our knees. It also becomes a very good sport Obese people. If you are over 50 or even 60 or older, this sport allows you to do that Maintain balance Thanks sticks. By motivating your Upper bodyThis Nordic walk allows you to burn calories in your upper body as well, as it makes you expend between 20% and 55% (depending on the intensity) more than regular walking or brisk walking.

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It's clean

Each sport has its own age and/or health benefits and helps reduce the risk of certain diseases. Nordic walking Reduces the risk of osteoporosis,l'high pressurethe Diabetes where is the Back ache. Using almost 90% of your muscles, it stimulates your heart, like all sports, but also your circulation and that All over your body.

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A sport that can be practiced anywhere

Have you ever seen people carrying sticks in your city center and wondered what they were doing? Now you know they do Nordic walking, because that's what it's forAmplify movements Walking, you can do this exercise Everywhere. It is better to recommend it in places where it has Low altitudes So it can be done in the middle of the city, in the forest, in the park or garden. Activity becomes ideal for active people.

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