“Fair Play” will produce the 32nd season of the series “The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs”

“Fair Play” will produce the 32nd season of the series “The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs”

With in-house production at TVA wrapping up, the Fair-Play group will produce next season The goose that lays golden eggs.

TVA said Tuesday, regarding the Loto-Québec broadcast, that Fair Play won the documented selection process.

Sebastien Benoit, Julie Holly and Richard Turcotte.

Photo courtesy of TVA

Meanwhile, we have confirmed the return of Sebastien Benoit and Julie Holly to animation for the 32nd edition.H season The goose that lays golden eggs, As well as the participation of Richard Turcotte as a presenter.

We wondered if Sebastian was the new host of Masked singers, Will come back to chicken, Just like Richard will be hosting at the end of the summer Hello hello weekend Replaced by Eve Marie Lortie.

TVA announced last March that Productions Déferlantes had inherited the production of the game. Cheater Hosted by Jay Goodwin. Blimp Télé will be responsible for production vlog.

“Original content shown on Sundays is TVA's strength, that is The goose that lays golden eggs Who opens the ball of this popular television evening. Audiences have connected with the concept of the show for over 30 years, and we are delighted that Fair Play is taking up the mantle to ensure the sustainability of the show. Quebcor Content would also like to warmly thank the talented production companies who submitted proposals The goose that lays golden eggssaid Quebecor's General Manager of Original Content, Nadège Boyes.

“I thank the TVA operations teams as well as the people at TVA Productions who have always worked hard to deliver a program of the highest quality to audiences. We know that the new product, Fair-Play, will be able to perpetuate the success of this A fun show in a very charged atmosphere.”

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Until the end of this season, at the beginning of July, TVA Productions will produce The goose that lays golden eggs, Which brings together nearly a million believers every week on average.

The Fair-Play Group is known for productions such as he deserves it, TV kids And revolution.

As we know, TVA announced last November that it would step down from in-house production to focus on its role as broadcaster. Hundreds of jobs were lost at TVA as part of this restructuring.

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