Mary Bell's first outing to Victoriaville

Mary Bell's first outing to Victoriaville

About two dozen young participants in the dance troupe created by Mary Belle LeBeau, of Davidville, were in Victoriaville on May 3 for two performances of the new dance show.

The entrepreneur was very happy to have the opportunity to come to Victoriaville, to the residences of Le Chène and Le Roseau, to launch this tour of the region. The show is inspired by the story of Aladdin and will visit about ten homes for the elderly.

The twenty young participants (among the eighty who made up the group), who were selected for these performances (they benefited from an educational day), were very nervous, but happy because they were able to dance in front of the residents. After placing the decorations and signs on the floor, they performed some numbers, some of which were admired by the spectators.

The younger ones needed guidance and accompaniment by Mary Bell, but the older ones presented their dances with confidence. For all the band members, who take free dance lessons with Mary Bell, it's an exciting experience in front of an audience. I launched the project a few months ago in order to offer young people from Daveluyville and the region an interesting and, above all, free hobby, which for many families should not be neglected. The offer is appreciated as the number of registrations is rising for this second production. “And they come from far away,” she says.

Further shows will be held at the residences over the coming weeks, with a very special show scheduled for May 25, but as part of the Daveluyville Retro Festival.

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