Danso is very strong, Ronnie Lopez is behind him too

Danso is very strong, Ronnie Lopez is behind him too

to analyze – Kevin Danso’s big match, the decisive turn of the Lensois pistons or the very low positioning of Rony Lopes: Find the Tops and Flops of Lens-Troyes (1-0).


Kevin Danso, decisive on both surfaces

The great Austrian defender (23 years, meter 90) gave a very strong performance. Stubborn in defense, always enjoying a good position and dominating the airspace, he sent his team from a close header before the break (39).e), taking a good free kick by Frankowski to score the only goal of the match (1-0). He even allowed himself some incursions with the ball into the Troy camp, attempting a long shot that provided a corner kick for his team (65).e).

Lensois Presses, Positioning Machines

Corridor players play a very important role in Franck Haise’s 3-4-3 system, and the work that Cabot and Frankowski provided on Friday night is a prime example of this. Both players showed great activity, each on their side, doubling down in the middle and generous in defensive alternatives. The danger often came from the wings, but neither Sotoca nor Openda took many chances to make the break. Frankowski is the decisive factor in the goal of Lensouis (39).

Frankowski made the decisive pass in the Danso goal. Federico Pestellini / Panoramic

Seiko Fofana is back

Ivorian midfielder Seko Fofana (27), who was absent in his team’s last two matches, returned to the field and his teammates to replace Boreiba in the first half. Providing plenty of activity and the author of a few swinging quirks, he was invaluable if not decisive in this second period when Lens sometimes sought a break, sometimes even managed his lead.

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Trojan ambition

We expected Bruno Airlis, who dominated him greatly in the first period, to fight back in the second half. But Troyes was very reluctant to give up, keeping his low set 5-4-1, and in the end it looked like he never worried Bryce Samba. The expected wake was very timid despite the regime change following Palmer Brown’s exit, and Lens managed to calmly manage the end of the match by keeping the ball in half.

Ronnie Lopez, symbol of ESTAC’s lack of appetite

The Portuguese midfielder did not necessarily give a bad performance, but in any case he did not have time to express the qualities we know about him. Placed as a winger on the scoresheet, Lopez had to defend a lot, occasionally looking for relays at the hub on the rare times his team grabbed the ball. Replaced shortly after the hour mark by Abdo Conte (65 .).e).

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