FromSoftware Gets Mechs Out Of The Garage With Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon – News

Trailer in CGI then go for this counting Hordes of mechophiles await him who will therefore have to patiently endure their problems for a while before they put the gameplay in their mouths. Mastering the art of appearing prolific without saying much, FromSoftware promises to “Unique writing” Skirmishes between large robots, where players can To move quickly and freely in huge 3D environments Which, frankly, seems very imprecise. However, Rubicon Fires will still align well with the franchise through consolidation “Delicate game design” A sense of challenge has characterized the studio since its inception.

Robots, yes, but Japanese robots sir

We have to go back to 2013 and issueArmored Core: Judgment Day On the PS3 / 360 generation, to watch the latest appearance of this complete TPS saga in private. Without being bound by a distinct formula by constantly calibrating the game philosophy, in a constant balance between action and strategy, the nameArmored core However, it calls for some major principles – be it the extensive customization of its mechanics, its thundering orchestral music and its particularly challenging controls.

Rubicon 6 primary armored fire Expected in 2023 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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