Marvel’s Midnight Suns have just been reviewed by Korea and Australia

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Midnight from MarvelFiraxix’s new Tactical RPG (XCOM) has just been seen by video game rating bodies. South Korea And Australian. While the title is officially expected for Second half of 2022this could indicate that the revelation The release date is not far away.

After all, it’s close Summer period of big adsAnd it’s safe to believe that 2K is preparing its marketing plan The new game bearing the Marvel seal. It’s hard to guess when it will be available midnight sunbut after first long reportthe address is now unlikely to miss Its date is 2022.

Reminder, Midnight from Marvel It is a tactical RPG that allows the player to avatar the hunterresponsible for repair Midnight sounds By recruiting many famous superheroes from the Marvel universe, from iron man to me Wolverine passing by Blade, Captain Marvel where Dr. Gharib. hydra just sent Lilith, M.;The age of all demonsin order to fulfill a fatal prophecy, and only the hunterHis offspring, he will be able to. hit her again.

Firaxis Game Committed, We Promised Tactical turn-based combat Focusing on the exploitation of the environment, punctuated Shipbuilding mechanics. The combo will not be outdone, especially in the central hub where the player can choose pass the time To cut the end of the fat with the heroes he recruited during the campaign, in order to Strengthen their bonds in combat.

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