Jean Francois writes short stories between science and fiction

Summer does not stop the gifting dynamics within the library division of cultural brand Cultura in Labège. Jean-François Senol met not only his loyal readers, but also the wider audience. A scientist by training and profession, he’s written short stories for the past 10 years, most of the time falling into the science genre. and imagination.

Born in 1972, this Argentine tango lover has managed to square the circle by combining this passion and writing novels that evoke different worlds and universes. The work, “Le tango des ombres,” published by Lyonnais publisher Aethalides, brings together five short stories that drift into the future era. Hence the challenge was highlighted, challenging the foundations of our humanity.

However, this dance, with its tradition and erotic excitement, constitutes a kind of dam that will contain this penchant for modern barbarism. The author has managed to construct worlds, certainly imaginary, but also rooted in our time, thus putting our current societal issues into perspective. As Jean-François points out, the science fiction genre has always made it possible to lift the veil of the future to enlighten us or warn us about ourselves if necessary.

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