Football: The Portuguese continue

Football: The Portuguese continue

Victorious two weeks ago in R2, the Portuguese FC Porto of Amiens did the same on Sunday in Nogent, 1-3. again in a way.

However, things started rough. If the first situation is in favor of Amiens, a blow from Da Veiga is blocked by the goalkeeper, in Nogent’s counterattack the scoring opens immediately (1-0, 1). Truly unwavering, Samaritans chains chances with found tape Isambart, movements cut by defenders near the football club or a free kick from Isambart towards the alcove shot by Nogent’s goalkeeper. But at break, the Isarian feature remains, 1-0.

When they come back from the locker room, the visitors keep pushing, “steam roller”Even, according to Amiens coach Benoit Storbois. This time, it’s Cupelle’s turn to hit the bar. But it finally pays off when, on a volley over Isambart’s defence, da vega He is found alone and shoots Nogent’s guardian (1-1, 60 °C). Portuguese is now launched. On a Siradjidini cross, Da Veiga came close in on goal Reynolds which deduces (1-2, 75 °C). And they certainly hide at the end of the game: Idez Coupelle, who fixes the goalkeeper, fires before moving on triumphantly Isambart (1-3, 85 °C). Thus, FCPPA imposes itself again, to her Eight win season at R2.

Almost all green lights

If the immediate rebound against Le Touquet had already reassured, Benoit storboa east ” very Satisfied to string “ But not only. He also insists The way we have it Really well done. » and drove fast, We added to these values ​​Fatiha and determination. » So he is a coach from Amiens, ” proud “ of its players “Courage is plucked out of the collective mastery that defines us.” Who reported this meeting.

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What do you finish, a small bonus, the first half of the season as the leader of the championship, two points in front of Chevrières Grandfresnoy and 6 units in front of Abbeville. a balance sheet ” positive “ Which is “Right on the nails” Of the amiens coach roadmap which bodes well for second half of the season “fun to play”And “arousing” And even if We will do everything to stay in this position.And “Less nervous than we were in previous seasons.”

Only black point, finally Camille Podevin Stuck on the seat due to hamstring discomfort and injury exits from peas And Facquier.

US Nogent – FC Porto Amiens : 1-3 (1-0)

Amiens targets: da Vega (60°), Reynolds (75°), Izampar (85°).

Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Seguenebou, Wable, Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier – Idez, Despois, Isambart – Da Veiga

Newcomers: Reynolds, Devochel

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Eva Daubenton – Sports Gazette (archive)

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