An asteroid the size of an orca will graze Earth

A celestial body is moving towards the Earth. Astronomers have been able to estimate its size and the risks it poses.

Very regularly, the a land Communication, or communication failure, asteroids. While some of these celestial bodies have the potential to wipe out life on our planet, these drifting asteroids are constantly being spotted. It turns out that Someone will be passing by this week.

Asteroid 2022 NF

Unlike the planets of our solar system, which (almost all) have elegant mythical names, asteroids, other exoplanets and satellites often have barbaric names. The asteroid that will graze Earth this week is no exception to the rule as it responds to the name… 2022 AD.

Discover Monday 4th July It should pass us by this Thursday. But do not panic, according to calculations, it should not crash into our planet. And if by chance these calculations are inaccurate, 2022 NF is anyway too small to be considered dangerous.

An asteroid not more than ten meters long

According to observers, 2022 NF measures between 5 and 12 metres, the size or less of a fin whale recently discovered in the Seine. The asteroid should approach more than 90,000 km from Earth, which is very close compared to its predecessor 7335 (1989 JA), which passed 4,023.360 km from Earth. Well, we must remember that this other asteroid was much larger, estimated at 1798 meters in size. It’s equivalent to six Eiffel Towers all the same!

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