A financial massacre of 202 billion CFA francs

An unprecedented financial scandal that spread over 22 years caused trouble in Dakarnav.

Senegal, Dakarnav and Portuguese company Lisenave International Sa have signed a 25-year concession contract to operate and manage ship repair infrastructures.

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Like a highway, this contract is the ultimate evidence of the illicit enrichment of the Portuguese company Lisenave International Sa.

A decade over Leonen Macky Sall had requested its revision without delay, as it was more than unfavorable to the state of Senegal.

Guide ? While its annual turnover was around 20 billion CFA francs, Dakarnav had only 12 billion in 2020.

Of this amount, as has been the case since 1999, when the agreement was signed under the socialist regime, only 1% will go to the state of Senegal via SIRN.

Liberation, who leaked the scandal, talks about a nebula of about 202 billion CFA francs.

97% of the 202 billion CFA francs obtained from the activity went directly to the Portuguese, while the state and CERN, who made all the investments, find themselves with the crumbs.

Even worse, Lisenave International has profited, completely illegally, from the status of a free-export company, and the audit temporarily estimates the loss of state profits at 7.755 billion CFA francs.

Liberation, which leaked the scandal, reported that the said company pays a total of 2,340,000 CFA francs per month or 97,000 CFA francs per apartment.

The auditors recommended that Sirn take legal action, but Dakarnav is maneuvering and refusing to inform the auditors of the required financial information

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As a reminder, there is also the scandal of apartments that Sirn has made available since 1999 to executives at Portuguese company Lisenave International.

There are twenty-four (24) apartments in the city center and you only pay between 60,000 and 80,000 CFA francs per month.

However, in this area, the monthly rent for an apartment is around 600,000 CFA francs per unit.

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