Football: Football is big for the Portuguese, Dovecote . is not to be missed

Football: Football is big for the Portuguese, Dovecote . is not to be missed

Same fight but different bets this weekend between the Portuguese who have a small margin and a tough match to play, and Dovecote who must take advantage of an accessible opponent to give himself some air.

R2 – Joker for the Portuguese

Bonus. » This is how Benoit Storboa described Sunday’s match after the Portuguese’s clear and obvious success over Palani last Sunday. That’s because his team got back on track several weeks ago by doing just that Almost full at home (4 wins, 1 draw) and against his direct opponents In the fight to keep (5 wins, 1 draw).

It is also true that adversity, even for once, “of a completely different caliber” And that Amiens coach knows that his team “Do not play Not in the same league. In fact, Étaples is the part of the trio that plays climbing, on top of the table. Especially since the stadium of François Guilloy is a impregnable fortress this chapter. Not only did the marines lose, they were also tied down 7 victories before first tie Last weekend against the bully leader.

However, even if “It’s going to be complicated.”Portuguese move ” With ambitions”. In fact, “Going to Bully we saw we 1-1remembers, And that we could have won the match with a little bit of hate. » In short, the people of Amiens who gave themselves a small mattress 5 points On the eighth of the month, Mark (B), will not come after all as a victim of atonement.

16th day of regional 2

Sunday 3 April 3pm, Stade François Giloy: ES Etaples (3rd place, 34 points) – FC Porto Amiens (Sixth 23 points)

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R3 – An opponent that is difficult to tie

Last week, Dovecote did not miss an opportunity to secure a place in the R3 standings. An acrobatic return and a goal at the start of the second half allowed them to get rid of Scholens (2-1). While navigating the penultimate weekend of the hen, Moÿ-de-l’AisneThe goal is clear. after this “Very good process”colleagues Julian Leroux want “to string” To take advantage of “good period”.

On the way out, Amiens had a won 6-0 in their garden. Mouysiens stay on Five losses in a row. Only two victories in the season have been against Arsenal, dead in the past and… Schulnis. With 37 goals At the back, they have the penultimate defense of the championship. So it looks like the perfect opportunity for Dovecote to grab a second straight win for the first time this season in R3.

Sixteenth day of Regional 3 : Moÿ-de-l’Aisne (X, 7 points) – Amiens Dovecote (seventh, 16 points)
Sunday 3 April at 3 p.m., Stade Roquet Serec 1 at Moÿ-de-l’Aisne

Morgan Chaumier and Julian Benstowe

Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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