“Stop science fiction!” : Daniel Riolo throws a tantrum at RMC during a debate about injured players among the Blues

Debate upsets Daniel Riolo. Yesterday, in the new program launched by RMC on the occasion of the international football competition in Qatar, “After the Foot Intégrale Coupe du monde”, Nicolas Jamin led a discussion with his book about the difficulties faced by the French team with its many injuries since the start of the tournament. The last concern concerns the left-back position with the absence of Lucas Hernandez and the lack of alternatives in this position.

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“But he wouldn’t take three left-backs?!”

Unlike the show’s cast, who are in Doha, writer Kevin Diaz was in a duplex of studios in the Paris area for the intervention: “Do you realize what we’re talking about? We’re talking about the France team, the world champions, the so-called biggest tank. We always say we’re behind the Brazilians. The French players are overseas, that’s where they are the most… And we find ourselves in the World Cup with 25 players.” When we could have had 26. And no left-back in case…“.

one wound. no luck. That’s itNicholas Jamin replied.But it’s not “bad luck”. I took 8 outfielders. You’ve had the chance to face Lucas Digne, Ferland Mendy, Jonathan Klaus…The counselor replied.But he won’t take three left backs?! Who actually does that?!said the presenter.

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“You are black cats!”

Sitting at the end of the studio, silent during the debate, Daniel Riolo was furious after hearing this exchange: “Friends, excuse me, wouldn’t you like to have this debate once Theo Hernandez is broken in half, we don’t have left-backs anymore and we are eliminated?“.”Actually I do not understand your discussions! Theo Hernandez, he’s here! He is not injured yet, but you expect the fact that he will eventually, that Camavinga will take his place, that he will tear himself apart and that France will be finished!“It was carried.”But stop science fiction after a while! For two days she didn’t stop with the “left back”, thing, thingFinally, he continued:oh dear ! You are black cats!“. puremedias.com invites you to view the sequence.

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