Esarta launches its new spring training courses | Esarta information

Esarta launches its new spring training courses |  Esarta information

April 4, 2024

Isarta Formations reveals its new programming! On the list to develop your professional skills: specialized training in communications, marketing, digital and social networks, business development, management and human resources on the basics as well as the latest current trends.

In addition to the dedicated recruitment and news site, Isarta offers training to be a true career partner, throughout the professional life of professionals in the field of marketing, communications, management, business development and human resources.

Isarta formations are based on a proven formula:

  • Follower Experienced professional trainersWith strong experience in this field and teaching skills,
  • Follower Concrete learningapplies the next day in his company,
  • Follower Short sessionsWithin a day or half a day,
  • Follower Small group For a better exchange between participants and the trainer
  • The possibility of continuing training remotely, Broadcast online with access to the recording for 30 days

Note: All training courses are available at Special format. It is completely customized to the company's needs, whether in person or virtually Customized training Completely developed according to reality and specific needs.

Isarta training courses are eligible for Workforce training program As well as different Financial assistance programsand they qualify for the 1% law.

Various forms of continuous training

In addition to these traditional training courses, Isarta Formations has developed various meetings to expand online learning. On the one hand, through the Midis-Express service, a free “Lunch and Learn” program is offered on Fridays once a month.

On the other hand, thanks to a series of thematic podcasts:

Discover the new spring training courses from Esarta Collections:

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