The Enchanted Forest of Fanal

As a travel photographer, I have developed an inexhaustible patience to wait for the right light. I’ve also improved the ability to take advantage of every situation, regardless of weather conditions. My stay on Madeira Island proved to be a headache in this sense. Nothing more than an hour could be scheduled. So it is better to leave it. Therefore, a plan was developed according to the priority of the images and the type of weather to be achieved. For example, to capture the unique atmosphere of the magnificent Fanal Forest, known for its twisting glories, a blanket of mist was necessary. This subtropical forest is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level. In other words, in the clouds. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, they are the surviving remains of a type of forest once widespread in southern Europe. Only a few islands, including Madeira, are covered in it. These humid woodland areas are home to the laurels of laurel in the heart of lush vegetation that completely covers the deep valleys. Traveling through such an ecosystem of plants under the mist represents a journey through time, but above all a visual experience like no other. Mysterious landscapes inspire calm and stimulate imagination…

The author was invited by TAP Air Portugal and Adventure Lands.

Device : Canon EOS RP

Goal : RF 16 mm

exposure : 1/125s at F/5.6

ISO: 250

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