Edith Piaf: An animated biopic coming soon

Edith Piaf: An animated biopic coming soon

Warner Music is preparing a biopic about Edith Piaf that will use artificial intelligence to recreate her voice and image.

Warner Music Group has announced that singer Edith Piaf will be the subject of a new animated biopic, using artificial intelligence to generate her voice and image 60 years after her death.

the film Edith“, produced in collaboration between Warner Music, Piaf’s estate and production company Seriously Happy, takes place between Paris and New York in the 1920s and 1960s. Piaf’s voice, generated by artificial intelligence, will narrate the film, in which we will find his songs.” Blooming life ” And ” No, I’m not sorry about anything “, As mentioned diverse.

The animation will bring a modern look at its history, while the inclusion of archive footage, stage and television performances, personal footage and TV interviews will give the audience an authentic look at the important moments in Piaf’s life. “, according to a press release from Warner Music.

Artificial intelligence technology trained on hundreds of audio clips and images of Piaf will be used to revamp his image. Outstanding audio and video to enhance the authenticity and emotional impact of his story “.

Based on an original idea by Julie Feeley, which she co-wrote with Jill Marliak, a release date for the film has not yet been set. Julie Vail has previously produced television documentaries about Sting, Stevie Wonder and Donna Summer.

It has been a great honor to work with Edith’s family to bring her story into the 21st century.Ms. Feeley announced in a press release. While making the film, we kept asking ourselves: “If Edith were still with us, what messages would she want to pass on to the younger generations?” Hers is a story of incredible resilience and the ability to overcome hardship and challenge social norms to achieve greatness – a story that remains as relevant today as it was then. Our goal is to use the latest advances in animation and technology to bring this timeless story to audiences of all ages. »

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