Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is expected to attend the 50th Anniversary Party

Sophie Meyrouz and Sylvie Brass, general delegate and artistic director of the La Rochelle Film Festival (FIMA), are back from the Cannes Film Festival as they shopped and reconnected with cinema fever…

Sophie Meyrouz and Sylvie Brass, general delegate and artistic director of the La Rochelle Film Festival (FIMA), are back from the Cannes Film Festival where they shopped and reconnected with cinema fever. The programmers returned “extremely excited to see rooms and full shows in front of the teams”. “He’s been intense and we want him to be the same in La Rochelle. That’s 50e Good edition: There is a memory effect and this goes back to normal. In Cannes, we met many people, distributors and journalists who told us that they were looking forward to coming to La Rochelle. We also go back with many films made by women,” they rejoice.

The team enters the extension of the house and finalizes the schedule for the fiftieth filme Edition to be held from 1Verse Until July 10 (1) it promised to be “huge,” they promise, with 380 sessions.

François Ozon in La Rochelle in 2020 with one of the representatives of “Summer 85”, Félix Lefevre. The French director will be present at Fema on July 2 and 3

Romuald Aug

“Wildfire”, the funny musical fantasy of the Portuguese Joao Pedro Rodriguez, arrives in La Rochelle after Cannes.

JHR . movies

A movie will be presented

“Alma Viva” by Franco-Portuguese writer Cristèle Alves Meira will be presented in La Rochelle, during Fema from 1 to 10 July.

Roy Bocas

young generation

From Cannes, Sophie Meyrouz and Sylvie Brass return, as usual, about twenty previews selected in all the official selections (critics week, directors’ two weeks, etc.), most of which will be shown in the main hall. the passage . ‘Five Demons’, Lea Messius’ second film, will open festivities on Friday 1Verse July, with the director but without the lead actress, Adele Exarchopoulos, who will shoot in early July.

“Les Amandiers,” Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s latest film, an unconvincing homage to the great director Patrice Cherou – who created the Nanterre school in the early 1980s – once again impressed the team of Vima who had already been honored a few years ago. The director is expected to be on the evening of the festival’s fiftieth anniversary, Friday, July 8. Some of his representatives will be there. A wonderful evening in which many of the filmmakers loyal to the La Rochelle meeting, such as Volker Schlöndorff, Alain Cavalier or Bertrand Bonello who should be in the room that evening, must participate. We also expect that French director Dominique Mole (“Harry, the friend who wants you well”, “Only the beasts” …) in the latest film “La Nuit du Douze” or actor Pascal Gregory, starring “Un beau matin” by Mia Hansen-Love. Programmers promise many people, big signatures, and many meetings.

(1) Comfort. 50e La Rochelle Film Festival edition starting from 1Verse Until July 10, 2022. All about:

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