Download FIFA 20 – Windows, Web

Download FIFA 20 – Windows, Web

FIFA 20 was developed by EA Sports (and released in September 2019) and is one of the most popular soccer games in the FIFA series over the past decade. This version introduced many new features and important improvements compared to its previous versions to provide a more immersive and realistic gaming experience for millions of players.

One of the big new features in the FIFA 20 edition that you can download is the VOLTA Football mode which marks the return of street football to the franchise. This mode allows players to create their characters and participate in small team soccer matches in different urban environments around the world. VOLTA offers a casual arcade experience that differs from the traditional gameplay of Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

The gameplay in FIFA 20 has seen major improvements such as the dribbling system that has been improved to provide more control and creativity to players. The artificial intelligence of the defenders has also been improved to make confrontations more realistic. Free kicks and penalty kicks have been redesigned to give players greater control over the ball's trajectory and rotation.

FIFA 20 continues to evolve its flagship mode, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), with new Football Legends icons and an improved player progression system. Career mode received significant updates with the addition of interactive press conferences and a more detailed player morale system. Millions of players have downloaded FIFA 20.

Newer versions

Since the release of FIFA 20 in 2019, EA Sports has continued to improve and enrich the popular football game series with new releases. FIFA 21 has made significant improvements to Career Mode with deeper transfer and training management. As for FIFA 22, the game witnessed the arrival of HyperMotion technology, which uses machine learning to create smoother and more realistic animations for players.

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In 2022, FIFA 23 was released with significant updates including the integration of the men's and women's FIFA World Cup competitions, as well as improvements to the Ultimate Team mode with the introduction of 'FUT Moments'. The series then evolved into EA SPORTS FC 24, which underwent a name change after the partnership between EA Sports and FIFA ended.

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