TVMonaco, the national public channel that participates in the attractiveness strategy of the Principality

TVMonaco, the national public channel that participates in the attractiveness strategy of the Principality

Brinsley’s launch of TVMonaco. On Friday September 1st, at 7:18pm, Prince Albert II and his wife, Princess Charlene, launched Monaco’s first public channel live from their brand-new studios located in the Fontvieille district.

For the Emirate, the creation of this public offer is intended to national and international It allows a reconnection with the wonderful hours of Monaco Television, nearly seventy years after the launch of the private Monaco channel Télé Monte Carlo (TMC), now owned by TF1 and 28 years after the launch of the public local news channel, Monaco à la Une. , renamed Monaco Info in 2003.

TVMonaco is the exclusive property of the Monegasque state that finances it, and is also a francophone event as its launch marks Monaco’s entry as a full member of the international network of public francophones, TV5 Monde. Thus, its programs will reach 432 million households.

Resume on MyCanal on October 10th

It is a matter of great pride for me to be there to contemplate the great adventure of this canal which will make the emirate shine all over the world. A channel was needed to show other aspects of Monaco and to show that the Principality coordinated fully with other francophone countries. Prince Albert II rejoiced during the launch party hosted by Amber Gestalder, the new media personality and presenter of JT and The Evening Box. to‘News.

focus on the environment, An essential aspect for us and for future generations According to Albert II, news, sport and art of living on the Riviera, TVMonaco is broadcast in Monaco on channel 9 of the Monaco Telecom box, on channel 1 of the World Service and live on YouTube. The channel will also be listed in France on the Molotov platform, on MyCanal from October 10 (in France and Africa) and soon in other operators’ offers. Including abroad.

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New public administration

Since January 2023, we have been following the palace roadmap to build an ultra-modern channel from scratch and also a 360° media with live streaming platform (Catch up TV and new content). Our goal is to provide aH Different televisions reach all audiences, especially young people, and highlighting new talents explains general manager Nathalie Biancoli.

This former CEO of France Télévisions, formerly deputy general manager, was promoted on Friday night live to the channel’s president, succeeding Salim Zeghdar.

He was involved in the creation of TVMonaco, the latter being appointed manager of the estate of Prince Albert II. This summer, the emirate was rocked by corruption scandals that prompted the king to separate from some advisers.

High-end environmentally designed tray

TVMonaco currently consists of 50 people (one hundred in the long term), including twenty journalists, and owns the network ” atypical – without TV novels or movies for now – which is mainly based on documentaries, magazines, reports and talk shows.

And for the record, the channel benefits from the advice of Jacques Legros, who held the Joker’s place on TF1’s 13-hour newscast for many years.

The sports programs, which are open to the sports of the disabled, are carried out privately through a daily fund called access to sports. The theme of the environment is addressed through documentaries and a morning segment of slow motion TV, which runs through exceptional landscape images captured in 4K slow motion.

Located in TVMonaco’s 1,300 square meter building, the place where news and conversations take place is also a symbol of environmental ambition. Very classy, ​​from the imagination of director Ivan Lourenco (to whom we owe that The Voice TF1Designed in an eco-friendly way by a Portuguese company, it combines blond wood with walls made from recycled bottles.

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Half of the ninth From the budget TV5 Monde

In addition to the investment budget granted by the State to equip its premises, TVMonaco, which produces 150 hours of programming against the 1,800 hours purchased, has an allocation of 15 million euros planned for the first operating period until December 2023.

Moreover, the funding is permanent, and the 2024 envelope, which is currently being voted on, should exceed expectations.

The establishment of the channel follows the entry of the emirate into ownership of TV5 Monde in January 2022, as the sixth financial supporter of the international French-speaking channel, along with France, the Wallonia-Brussels Union, Canada, Quebec and Switzerland. .

The State of Monaco provides content, including news and documentaries, as well as a contribution of €4.2 million annually, in the same way as other members.

This represents Half of the ninth Funded by TV5 Monde said Yves Bigot, general manager of the French-language network, who is in Monaco along with Delphine Ernotte-Quency, president of Television France.

Advertising revenue and fundraising

Since Télé-Québec in 1995, it’s been over 28 years since a new country joined our club. This indicates the attractiveness of the network He added, during the inauguration ceremony, that it was also attended by 100 VIP guests at Louis II Stadium.

Since the state can only become a shareholder of TV5 Monde through its public channel, TVMonaco has complied with the specification that requires guarantees of independence from political and economic power.

The new channel’s financial model will also depend on program marketing revenues and linear and non-linear advertising revenues.

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In addition to forging editorial partnerships with institutions such as the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, TVMonaco teams are in the fundraising phase, with brands in particular.