Discover the new functionality of Google Photos

Discover the new functionality of Google Photos

So far only for paid Google One subscribers, this update comes with a refreshed user interface and a solid set of enhanced features previously only available in the Google Photos mobile apps.

Many new features are now available to all Google Photos users, not just subscribers.

Among the improvements, upon opening the editor, selected editing functions are automatically introduced to transform your image in one click. Perhaps the most useful of them is the “Optimize” button.

Then there are the expanded aspect ratio options for cropping and rotating your photos in a selection of different aspect ratios, including the new 4:5 option.

Similar use for editing on smartphones

Finally, revamped editing options with new, more powerful editing controls are now available to everyone, with a streamlined interface and larger, clearer icons.

With the update, editing photos in your browser is much closer to the editing experience on your smartphone.

Click here for instructions directly on the Google Photos help page Issuance computerAndroid or iPhone/iPad.

Google Images, mobile or desktop version


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Note that while these changes improve the editing experience for all Google Photos users, many of the more powerful features, such as HDR editing, Portrait mode, and Color Pop, remain inaccessible to non-subscribers. Non-paying users can see a preview of each effect, but won’t be able to save their changes without going through a subscription.

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While the updated editor has undoubtedly become more powerful, it also seems to put more stress on your computers. If hardware acceleration is not enabled in your browser, you may experience a somewhat sluggish experience, much worse than if you were using the smartphone app.

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Browser settings and extensions can also affect the new editor. If you’re having trouble, try enabling hardware acceleration in your browser or installing a second browser with default settings. For example, Google Photos will work more smoothly with a newly installed browser than with your current browser.

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