Apple will soon add ads to your iPhone

There is some information signed by Apple that is originally intended for iOS developers only. But more often than not, they end up getting to us. And so an email was sent to Editors This week lets us learn more about the future of the App Store in terms of ads. You may have already seen it, perhaps in your search results.

So far, these campaigns have only appeared in very specific spaces like this and are quite limited. But as of Tuesday, October 25, you’ll also find it on the side of the tab today You will be able to discover ads. Those who distribute it will of course have to pay to target you, and Facebook or Google also offer it with their own services.

Discreet and efficient?

With this, a new Suggestions section will be added Under application sheets. For example, if you scroll through travel advice platform data, the App Store will offer you other similar tools for planning your trips and visits abroad. Of course, each ad will be clearly advertised with a small custom blue badge, as required by law in France today.

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To choose which Internet users will see their campaigns, developers will be able to take advantage of millions of Data collected by Apple Thanks to iPhone activity around the world. We know Tim Cook especially knows how to determine your appetite thanks to your browsing on Safari, titles listened to on Apple Music, or series watched on Apple TV+. According to the official arguments of the company, the statistics collected in this way are anonymous.

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Record profits in 2023

This improvement, aside from criticism that users might have, bodes well for Apple’s future financial results. We actually know that Services are now the second major revenue carrierbehind the iPhones. But so far, these have mainly focused on individuals.

With more and more software intended for professionals, Apple has enough to overwhelm Meta or Alphabet in this area. It is from this perspective also that The group recently unveiled Business Essentials. - the official التطبيق app – the official التطبيق app

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