Venus’ extreme conjunction with Jupiter: Here’s what you can see this weekend

accompany itAmazing alignment of four planetsit’s turn Conjunction or in conjunction with to beautify the sky Leila At the end of April 2022. In fact, the brightest planets can be seen from Earth, Jupiter And Venus, gradually getting closer to each other in the sky at the end of April, and they will be very close on May 1, separated by only 0.2 degrees. Totally, visible toEye Naked, they will be noticed at the end of the night, after you rise in the east, about 5:30 AM.

With a pair of binoculars, you can enjoy their heavenly reunion, with the ability to see more, little ones stars that surround Jupiter, the Galilean moons Ganymedeand Europe and Calllisto. But not Io Who will then hide behind giant planet.

Finally, in an instrument magnified further, you will be able to discern the phase of the shimmering Venus—” morning star Then it will be a humpback – as well as its big neighbor Jupiter. Visually “neighbor”, because remember that Venus is between us and Sun150 million km on May 1, much closer than Jupiter, which shines from us on that day 47 light minutes (almost 850 million km).

Note that Venus, similar in size to Earth, and Jupiter, 11 times larger, will still be visible in the sky at sunrise, due to their bright brightness.

After the beginning of May, they will again drift away into the sky, while remaining relatively close. Then, at the end of May, it will be Jupiter and Mars’ turn to intersect in a parade that will be visible from 4 a.m.

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