These common symptoms during your period should be worrying you according to science

he is The eighth most dangerous type of cancer that affects women. If ovarian cancer is very fatal, it is often associated with the advanced stage of the disease at the time of diagnosis. To increase the chances of rapid and early diagnosis some Symptoms should be monitored. Starting with one that seems harmless.

PMS symptoms may be linked to ovarian cancer

According to Dr. Eric Siban, “Nearly 4,500 new cases have been diagnosed in France. His prognosis is still very poor, with no less than 3500 deaths each year”, he explains in detail on his site. However, few women know the symptoms to watch out for. A recent survey by a British charity Ovarian cancer targetshowed that three-quarters of the 1,000 women surveyed did not know that these symptoms, often considered trivial, could be Ovarian cancer signs.

blowing. This seemingly harmless sign can be revealed however ovarian cancerIt will even be a “key tag,” TerraFemina notes. “Knowing the symptoms is critical to everyone (…) We need to do sustainable and large-scale campaigns. If we do that, fewer people will be diagnosed late‘, maintains the director of the organization, Anwen Jones and makes clear that the goal isthat Fewer women are dying unnecessarily from ovarian cancer“.

Other symptoms to watch out for

Thus, noticing frequent bloating can make this possible get tested as soon as possible and start Treatment to fight disease. Other symptoms such as pelvic pain, transit disturbances, or an abnormal increase in the size of the abdomen may also be monitored. There are also other signs to check: bleeding outside menstruationFrequent urges to urinate or defecate are all possible symptoms.

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