CSSL will continue its activities despite the solar eclipse

CSSL will continue its activities despite the solar eclipse

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Published on February 14, 2024 by Médialo

On the occasion of the total solar eclipse scheduled for April 8, Public Health issued recommendations, prompting many school service centers to announce the suspension of classes on April 8. The Laurentides School Service Center (CSSL) has made the decision to continue its activities.

Watching a solar eclipse with the naked eye, without adequate protection (approved glasses), poses a risk to your eyesight, even for a few seconds. This is why many precautions must be taken on April 8. Unsplash pictures

This announcement was recently made to specify that significant adjustments are expected. Hence, CSSL proposes to seize this very rare opportunity so that students can experience this phenomenon in an educational and safe way which last occurred in 1972.
“Given our desire to educate and prevent, we will provide the necessary equipment to students and staff, but it is up to the entire community to support them in order to prevent unfortunate consequences,” says Sebastian, CSSL General Director. Tardif.

Everyone is involved

To ensure that this educational experience takes place safely, CSSL believes that it takes a team effort, so everyone must contribute to prevention and education. As this is a shared responsibility and parents also have a role to play in ensuring the day runs smoothly, they will receive an informational video in the coming weeks. They will be invited to view it and discuss good practices to follow during the eclipse with their children in order to raise awareness. Educational activities will also be held in schools.

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School transportation

Although protective eyewear will be available for students and staff, it will be impossible for transportation companies to ensure the necessary supervision of students during the trip home. As the event will take place during the risk period which will run from 2:13pm to 5:44pm, school transportation will be suspended at the end of classes and parents will be asked to pick up their children from school.

Furthermore, CSSL states that there will be no testing or assessment on this particular day. Therefore, no student will be harmed if his or her parents prefer to stay at home. This is also the case for vocational training and adult education students who will have the opportunity to choose whether they wish to be absent or not.

In order to give parents more flexibility, afternoon childcare will be available at all establishments. Students who do not normally have access to childcare will have the opportunity to take advantage of it for free.

for more information, See the CSSL website

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